About company

Firm "PARSE-TUTUN" SRL has been founded on May, 29th, 1998

The basic kind of activity is procurement of tobacco from the producers, primary processing of tobacco leaf, manipulation, fermentation, sales of finished products, as well as production of consumer goods, rendering transportation services, commercial and intermediary activity, barter transactions, external economic activity. Supervises activity „PARŞE-TUTUN” SRL, carries out laboratory researches, the Institute of Tobacco of R. Moldova and R. Moldova's Trading industrial Chamber will certificate production.The control over enterprise activity is carried out R. Moldova's by License Chamber so 07.12.2006 years the license a series A MMII № 022975 is given out.
The enterprise operates on the basis of the patent belonging to the founder for a way of a fermentation №1731 for a period of 20 years. For a period of ten years the enterprise registers the trade mark of our production, the registration certificate № 11227. The structure of the enterprise: 1. The enterprise office is located in Orhei, in 45 km from mun. Chisinau.

2. The factory on drying of manipulation and a tobacco fermentation is located on city
suburb Rezina, in 14-km from Sholdanesti.
3. The enterprise for processing and tobacco storage is in Sholdanesti.
5. Tobacco-drying complex is located in 12 km from Sholdanesti, 26 km from Rezina.„PARSE-TUTUN” SRL one of few enterprises which have gone on a way of
formation of own manufacture on processing’s of a tobacco leaf and its cultivation.
The enterprise possesses its own railway branch.

From the moment of formation „PARSE-TUTUN” SRL creation of the system has been defined, allowing to supervise quality of made production at all industrial stages: all tobacco passes processing on handling lines with maximum cleaning from extraneous impurity and tobacco ripping, that does its uniform and pure.

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