The firm owns the factory on drying, manipulation and tobacco fermentation (FDMTF). The enterprise is located in 200 meters from a road fork between the cities of Orhei, Rezina, Sholdaneshti in traditionally raw zone. On the area of 5 hectares are located the equipment on drying green sheet by capacity 3000 t. During a season, the equipment on fire drying of tobacco by capacity of 400 tons green sheet, the fermentative equipment capacity of 1600 tons in year, an industrial premise (handling shops by power 2500 tons), warehouse, a commodity-material warehouse, a hothouse case, the is administrative-household case. The enterprise is installed gas, has local water supply, and has a boiler-house, heated shops, reserve and emergency electro supply.


The second firm enterprise - on after fermentation processing and tobacco storage (FPTS) in the city of Sholdaneshti, is located on the area of 2,6 hectares where are as well warehouse in volume 24000?3. The enterprise is provided by railway and automobile cargo stages capacity of single shipment (or acceptance) 120 tons a day. Here is administrative-household case, a garage case, a branch line are located.


The third firm enterprise Tobacco-drying complex (TDK) in village Kobylea, region Sholdaneshti, represents warehouse the area 4600 m2. Here too there is equipment for drying of tobacco by capacity of 1500 tons. In complex territory the equipment for carrying out solar, combined and flue-cured tobacco drying is placed.