History of the tobacco

Tobacco is one of ancient cultures. Native land it considers America and Asia where tobacco applied
to smoking and the medical purposes more two thousand years ago. Christopher Columbus has got acquainted with tobacco on island Cuba during the travel to coast of America in 1492г. In China there are the wild-growing grades of tobacco having local names. The American natives lighted up special tubes «kalumed» or the pipes of peace decorated with a carving and eagle feathers, and also widely used leaves of tobacco as medical means (against a headache, gripes in a stomach, for healing of wounds etc.) There are different opinions on an origin of a word "tobacco" (tabach, tobacco, tabacum). Someone connects it with the island name « Tabago », someone with New Spain a province «Tabaco». Available and other instructions that inhabitants of island Haiti named a tube for smoking «Tabago», and Spaniards have borrowed this word for the name of the plant. In 1518 tobacco seeds have been taken out to Lisbon where in the beginning tobacco was cultivated as an ornamental plant possessing beautiful flowers and a strong smell, and then it has quickly extended across all Portugal and Spain. In 1580 tobacco has been grown up in France, whence it has got and into other countries – Holland, England, Turkey. In honor of Jean Niko the plant also has received name Nicotiana tabacum. Tobacco has got to Russia from the West through coming foreigners and from the East as a result of dialogue with China. Original development tobacco raising has received in the conditions of the organization of large manufacture, rational manufacture and technology of processing.

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