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Moldova the-country located in a southeast of the Europe, with old traditions of cultivation of skeletal grades of tobacco owing to favorable soil-climatic conditions. The culture of tobacco in Moldova is traditional and totals more than two hundred years. Moldavian tobaccos have a sufficient fortress and aroma, they give to smoking products completeness and juiciness of taste.

"PARSE-TUTUN " SRL dynamically developing company traditionally working in the tobacco industry. The basic kind of activity of our enterprise is purchase of tobacco at manufacturers, primary processing, manipulation and a fermentation of a tobacco leaf, and also foreign trade activities. We work in close cooperation with leading world manufacturers of tobacco products since 1998.

From the moment of formation of the company creation of the system has been certain, allowing to supervise quality of made production at all industrial stages to provide our buyers with qualitative tobacco at a level of the world standards.
Applying the newest technologies on processing and manipulations of tobacco "PARSE-TUTUN" SRL offers also various tobacco blends. On responses of our orchestras, quality and stability of these tobacco blends are capable to satisfy the most exacting taste.

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