We represent to your attention the information on project realization on development tobacco growing on the basis of Joint-Stock Company activity «KREMENETSKY TFZ» (Kremenets, the Ternopol area, Ukraine). The given project is a fruit of cooperation of the companies of Open Company "PARSE-TUTUN" (Ukraine), Joint-Stock Company «KREMENETSKY TFZ» (Ukraine) and SRL „PARSE-TUTUN” (Republic Moldova).

Within the limits of the given project reconstruction is executed Joint-Stock Company restoration «KREMENETSKY TFZ», technical both technological updating of factory and manufacture profile for Joint-Stock Company «Kremenetsky TFZ » to production on the basis of a work wide experience in tobacco grow company SRL "PARSE-TUTUN" founded in Ukraine of Open Company "PARSE-TUTUN".

Having a long-term operational experience in the tobacco industry and the established relations, owning similar tobacco processing the enterprise in the Republic Moldova, exporting tobacco raw materials, including to Ukraine, SRL „PARSE-TUTUN” achieves to receive the consent from the potential customers and partners for application in Ukraine available experience and technologies in the field of manufacture, processing and tobacco leaf sale.

Second joint project SRL „PARSE-TUTUN” spends with the Russian company of Open Company «RS TRADING». The project provides purchase of tobacco raw materials in the countries of Central Asia for the purpose of its further processing and manufacture of tobacco production of a various price category at enterprises SRL "PARSE-TUTUN",
subject realization in favor of traditional consumers SRL „PARSE-TUTUN”.