The basic achievement of the company in 2001. begin start-up of the handling shop completed with the new equipment of firm "RONIS", building of industrial floors, creation of excellent illumination and ventilation. In 2002 modernization in which result the enterprise has a high-grade handling line capacity 1500kg/ch, with good system of clearing at different stages, including pneumomechanical clearing, the vibrate-moistening tunnel, mechanical and pneumomechanical loosening, 20-metre amalgamators both traditionally good Bulgarian and Turkish the press for east tobaccos with hydraulic and tunnel prepressing has been finished. Of 600 kg/h have been modernized old tongo-baled tobacco shop under manipulation with capacity.

Use of existing lines and technological schemes allows to make process of processing of tobacco raw materials is continuous-line, providing rhythm of work of the equipment, reducing terms of processing of tobacco raw materials, promoting improvement of its quality.For the purpose of quality assurance and conformity to sanitary norms in 2003 the enterprise laboratory was is completed by the modern equipment for carrying out of laboratory analyses on tobacco raw materials not fermented Gost 8073-77 and tobacco
raw materials fermented Gost 8072-77.

The fermentative chamber has been equipped by capacity of 30 tons. Fermentative manufacture uses following technological processes of processing of tobacco raw materials:
Tobacco processing under different technological schemes
Tobacco fermentation

The tobacco raw materials processed on „PARSE-TUTUN” SRL, pass process of manipulation and an artificial fermentation, are packed into convenient bales in weight
23 kg±0,2 kg and 37 kg±0,25 kg, next sizes: the length – 55±3 cm, width – 30 cm, height – 60±5 cm and length – 70 ± 3, width – 40 cm, height – 60±5 cm. Each bale see is sheathed on all parties by a jute fabric. Packing parameters as, actually, and its contents, correspond to the international standards.